Tommy Four Seven, 7CIRCLE

sobota 03.02

start 23:00
end 8:00
price 50 PLN before 00:00 | 60 PLN after 00:00 | 30 PLN after 5:00

Boundary-defying British artist Tommy Four Seven has been a respected visionary in the international techno scene for almost two decades. Since launching to global notoriety, he has continued to be an in-demand selector and producer known for his ability to capture the dance floor with a palette of dynamic sounds and rhythms. 7CIRCLE is a musical project from post punk and metal roots, navigates across all genres including techno and industrial without compromise or frills.

main stage

23:30 – 2:30 Kharl

2:30 – 5:00 Tommy Four Seven

5:00 – end 7CIRCLE



23:00 – 2:30 BarTech

2:30 – end D4R0